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We move your business to Estonia.   You can be a member of a digital nation and e-Residency card holder soon.  We are glad to help you with whole process.   Trust our employees and let us work for you.    We offer a wide range of services – from incorporation to obtaining of crypto exchange licenses.

Tax incentives in estonia country

Why estonia?

0% corporation tax

if you do not distribute profits (do not pay out dividends, fringe benefits , f.e loans to shareholders)

fully remote

Run your business simply via e-Residency card - put your digital signature and start activities.

simple accounting

Cheap and very easy accounting services - cash metod and clear and transparent Income Tax Act regulation.

Company reqruitments

share capital

Share capital is 2500€m but you have not obligation to pay upon starting the company. 


non monetary contribution

Non-monetary contribution is allowed


Shareholder is not personaly liable for debts of company  and not engaged in management of company



the minimum value of share is 1 EUR



at least 1 peron, who will be natural person.

contact person

Statury duty if half of board of directors reside out of Estonia.

Ways how to register OU company

how to register?

with e-Residency card

you can put digitaly signature and accept petiotion to RIK

by notary public

by notary public (you need go to the local notary public)


go to the local notary and grant power of attorney to our Representative

Choose your plan

This is one time payment upon starting relationship.


500 one-time
  • Checking of company name
  • Company incorporation
  • Registered office adress for 1 year
  • Estonian "contact person" for 1 year

    State fee(€190) not included

other clients

900 one-time
  • Checking of company name
  • Company incorporation
  • Registered office adress for 1 year
  • Estonian "contact person" for 1 year

    State fee(€190) not included

    Power of Attorney - person who will be acts on behalf of you

our services

Company formation

Run your business directly from home with e-Residency card. We will assist you.

accounting services

For small business & blockchain clients. Accounting for e-Residents is very easy and cheap.


We will obtain every license for your business. The most popular licences are for blockchain sector - providing cryptocurrency exchange services and wallet.

Legal adress

Do you have not legal adress for your company? We will supply it .

Income tax

The most know incentive of the Estonian tax system is shifting moment of taxation to time, where the profit is distributed. If the board of directors decide to not pay out dividends to its shareholders, all profits are re-investment. Therefore company will be not liable to pay Corporation Tax. Some people treat this rule commonly as “Corporation Tax 0%”.

What does mean “distributed profits”?

– corporate profits distributed in the tax period
– gifts, donations and expenses in relation to representatio
– private expenses and payments not connected with the business
– transfer of the assets of the permanent establishment (PE) to its main headquarter or to other companies

register company