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Setting Up a Company in Estonia:

🏢 Does not automatically make you liable for VAT or allow you to deduct input VAT.

💼 VAT registration is not automatic and depends on your business’s turnover.

Mandatory VAT Registration

💶 The turnover threshold for mandatory VAT registration is EUR 40,000 at the beginning of a calendar year.

⏳ Before reaching this threshold, VAT registration is optional.

📊 The decision to register depends on your VAT-related expenses and your client base.

Implications of VAT Registration

📋 VAT registration entails monthly tax reporting and likely monthly accounting fees in Estonia.  🚀 When you exceed the threshold, you have three business days to register as a taxable person. 📈 The Estonian Tax and Customs Board considers you a taxable person when your taxable supply surpasses the threshold.

Anticipating VAT Registration

📆 If you anticipate reaching the threshold, consider initiating the registration process in advance.  💡 VAT payers must remit VAT to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board and submit monthly VAT returns.

Voluntary VAT Registration

🤝 You can voluntarily register for VAT before reaching the threshold.  📄 Provide evidence, such as a business plan, to demonstrate your intent to start and run a business. ❌ Tax Authorities may refuse registration if there are no transactions with Estonian customers.

🌎 Determine whether your company is VAT-liable in another jurisdiction.

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Example 1: Anna’s E-commerce Business

Anna operates an e-commerce store selling handmade jewelry online. She primarily caters to customers within Estonia but has been steadily expanding her customer base across the European Union. Over the past year, Anna’s business has thrived, and her turnover has now reached EUR 45,000. At this point, Anna realizes that she has exceeded the mandatory VAT registration threshold in Estonia. To comply with the tax regulations, Anna decides it’s time to register her Estonian OU company for VAT.

Business man Peter

Example 2: Peter’s IT Consultancy

Peter, an IT consultant, recently relocated to Estonia to start his consultancy business. He provides services to both Estonian businesses and international clients. Peter’s turnover has been consistently increasing, and he anticipates reaching the mandatory VAT registration threshold soon. Rather than waiting to exceed the threshold, Peter decides to voluntarily register his Estonian OU company for VAT. This proactive approach helps him streamline his tax obligations and prepare for future growth.

In both examples, Anna and Peter recognize the need to register their Estonian OU companies for VAT due to their businesses’ growth and the applicable turnover thresholds. This ensures compliance with Estonian tax regulations and allows them to manage their businesses efficiently.

Questions about Company Liquidation

VAT Registration

  • What is VAT registration, and why is it necessary in Estonia?

    VAT registration in Estonia is the process by which a business becomes a taxable entity for Value Added Tax purposes. It’s necessary when a business’s turnover exceeds the mandatory threshold or when voluntarily registering to claim input VAT deductions.

  • What is the turnover threshold for mandatory VAT registration in Estonia?

    The turnover threshold for mandatory VAT registration in Estonia is EUR 40,000 at the beginning of a calendar year.

  • Can a business in Estonia voluntarily register for VAT, even if it doesn't reach the mandatory threshold?

    Yes, businesses in Estonia can voluntarily register for VAT, even if their turnover hasn’t reached the mandatory threshold. This can be advantageous for businesses looking to claim input VAT deductions or to participate in international trade.  Haven’t company yet? Buy shelf company with VAT EE Number with Eesti Consulting.

  • How does the VAT registration process work in Estonia?

    To register for VAT in Estonia, you typically submit an application to the Estonian Tax and Customs Board. The process involves providing necessary documentation, including a business plan, and awaiting approval.

  • Can non-resident businesses register for VAT in Estonia?

    Yes, non-resident businesses can register for VAT in Estonia if they have a permanent establishment or a tax representative in Estonia. Additionally, some non-resident businesses can appoint a tax representative approved by the tax authority.

  • What is the format of the Estonian VAT number, and how is it structured?

    The Estonian VAT number starts with the prefix “EE,” followed by nine digits (e.g., EE123456789). Validate the VAT EE number here

  • Are there any penalties for not registering for VAT when required in Estonia?

    Failure to register for VAT when required can result in penalties and legal consequences. It’s essential to be aware of the registration thresholds and meet your obligations promptly.

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