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Our brand “” is both managed and owned by EESTI CONSULTING OÜ 🇪🇪 (Estonia registry number: 🔢 14542319 and FIU licence: 🔐 FIU000310).

EESTI CONSULTING OÜ is a member of the Estonian Chamber of Commerce & Industry 🏦, and we are highly recommended within the e-Residency 🌐 marketplace.

🌍 Exciting News! Pawel Krok, a valued board member at Eesti Consulting, recently contributed to the World Bank’s Business Ready 2024 Project, showcasing our commitment to global initiatives for a sustainable private sector combating global poverty.


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On behalf of the World Bank’s Business Ready (B-READY) team, I would like to THANK YOU for your contribution to the Pilot I of the project, a new and ambitious endeavor to develop a strong private sector to end poverty on a livable planet.
Please find attached your Certificate of Appreciation, a small token of our gratitude for your dedication to B-READY and being an integral part of our Pilot I journey. Your expertise and professional generosity are the cornerstone of B-READY’s success. We would be honored to share with you the first B-READY report upon its publication later this year.

The valuable feedback we received from expert like you about our processes will play a crucial role in refining our approach for Pilot II.
As we reflect on the lessons learned from Pilot I of B-READY, we see a bright future with success of this project. To continue this journey, I would like to invite you to be an expert again in our Pilot II report, once it launches in the second half of 2024. Your continued involvement goes beyond a simple collaboration between you and B-READY – it shapes the trajectory of this groundbreaking resource that is set to improve the lives of people around the world.

Norman V. Loayza,Director Development Economics, Global Indicators Group

Business Ready 2024 - Worldbank


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