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Eesti Consulting OÜ

Eesti Consulting OÜ

Member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry


Our company is member of e-Residency Marketplace 



Our brand “Eesticonsulting.ee” is managed by EESTI CONSULTING OÜ registered in Tallin under number: 14542319 (verify here). We are provided with FIU licensed number: FIU000310 and we act as “company & service provider”.


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Our services


We help to obtain e-Residency card for foreigners.


We run the company for you with e-Residency card or on the ground of POA service.

accounting services

Feel free to ask our accountant about day-to-day activities and take your time.

Cryptocurrency licenses

We obtain cryptocurrency licenses from FIU for your business.

Legal address

Every company under the law of Estonia should have at least registered office address in Estonia.


Do you dream about running the bank account in Estonia? Other consultants told you - "Don't try"? We introduce you in SWEDBANK A.S or LHV PANK A.S - Nothing can't stop you.