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Tourism LicenseΒ 

If you are considering obtaining a tourism license in Estonia, it’s important to recognize that the process is not a walk in the park. πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ͺ Whether you’re already running a business or are in the progress of setting one up, navigating the requirements is crucial. Moreover, if you’re contemplating setting up a travel agency in the EU and are unsure about the best country to expand your travel business, Estonia is a compelling option to consider. 🌍🧳

Travel Agency in Estonia has few Tax Advantages

Tax Advantage Description
0% πŸ“‰ Tax on retained and reinvested profits
14-20% πŸ“Š Tax rate on distributed profits
98% πŸ–₯️ Taxes declared electronically (percentage of electronic declarations)
3 min ⏰ Time to file a personal tax declaration
Tax on distributed earnings only πŸ’Ό Estonia’s corporate income tax system only taxes distributed earnings, allowing companies to reinvest their profits tax-free.
Broad-base, low-compliance VAT 🌐 VAT applies to a broad base and has a low compliance burden.
Property taxes on land value 🏑 Property taxes only apply to the value of land.


The main acts that regulate the tourism license in Estonia


Tourism Act

– Law of Obligations

– Act General Part of the Economic Activities Code Act

Notice of economic activities for a travel undertaking is associated with the institutions:

Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority

– Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications

A travel business is a company or individual that offers tours, packages and linked itineraries for business and trade purposes. They could be: a tour operator, retail travel agency or an organization that works on behalf of another party.

Non-residents also can set up travel agencies in Estonia under the most popular form of limited liability company (known as osaühing or OÜ).


Company registration through an e-Residency card or a Power of Attorney (in the notary service).


Set up a bank account – accepted bank accounts in Estonia or EEA country


You need to comply with the Tourism Law’s requirements regarding selling travel packages and plane tickets, organizing excursions and tours, and offering other connected services. You are obliged to placing of the deposit in the bank account.

The size of a deposit depends on the services your travel company will perform.

Tourism license security size


Filing the notice of economic activities and paying the state fee.

– Business name, registry code, address

– The trademark name if used ( also we can register a trademark for you)

– Scope of activity

– The size of the security

– EMTAK codes – nature of business classification

– Date of the beginning of the economic activities

– Date of payment of the state fee

– Other

If you already registered a company in Estonia and you’re looking for an advisor, who is fully experienced in the matter of tourism license in Estonia – reach Eesti Consulting today.

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