🚀 Register EU Trademark 🇪🇺 and Get Back up to 1000

Need protect your brand, logo , corporate identity or sound?  Need sign into Amazon Brand Registry ?  Wait with the application and reach Eesti Consulting  We apply for a financial support from the EU …. we charge 0€ for the application.  No success? No payments! This is our promise.

If you represent an Estonian company or a foreign company , that is registered in an European Country – I have a good news for you – You are still eligible for the funding from the EU….But hurry up! The financial support from the EU is limited.  First come, first served.

⏳ Get a grant from the EU and reduce state fees by -75% .

 Imagine - instead of 850€ you pay 212€. Sounds good? Fill in the form and know the secret! First come, first served!


💳 Trademark registration consultation – Get EU Funds!


Trademark in EU 🆚 Trademark in Estonia

Trademak registration in EU 🇪🇺

€ 399

+850€ EUIPO fee

  • Unlock SME Fund 2023 Grant and pay 212€ instead of 850€
  • You are the boss! Do nothing – we do everything on behalf of you!
  • Application for a grant – free of charge – no risk – no additional fees

See patent fees in the EU here.

Trademark registration in the ESTONIA 🇪🇪

€ 199

Hire us and reduce the state fee by -75%! You pay 225€ 57€ with our help when you register a trademark in Estonia. 

  • Unlock the SME Fund 2023 Grant and pay only 57€ instead of the regular 225€ state fee.
  • You’re the boss! Sit back and relax – we’ll handle everything on your behalf.
  • Claim Your Grant Today: Apply for Free – No Risk, No Extra Fees!
  • More than one trademarks? It’s still possible – limit of EU funds – 1000€

See patent fees in Estonia here.

Register a trademark in the EU

🌟 Benefits of Trademark Registration 🌟

✅ Exclusive Rights: Trademark registration grants you exclusive rights to use the registered mark for the goods or services covered by the registration. This helps protect your brand identity and prevents others from using a similar mark that could cause confusion among consumers.

⚖️ Legal Protection: With a registered trademark, you have a legal basis to take action against any individual or business that infringes upon your trademark rights. It provides you with the ability to enforce your rights and seek appropriate legal remedies.

🛡️ Deterrent Effect: Having a registered trademark can act as a deterrent to potential infringers. When others see that your mark is registered, they are less likely to use a similar mark, reducing the risk of brand confusion and dilution.

🌐 National and International Protection: Trademark registration provides protection at the national level in the country of registration. Additionally, if you plan to expand your business internationally, you can use your registered trademark as a basis for seeking protection in other countries through international trademark agreements and conventions.

🔍 Brand Recognition and Trust: A registered trademark enhances brand recognition and builds trust among consumers. It helps distinguish your products or services from competitors, establishing a strong brand reputation and increasing customer loyalty.

🏦 Asset Value: A registered trademark is an intangible asset that can have significant value for your business. It can be licensed or assigned to others, allowing you to generate revenue through licensing agreements or the sale of your trademark rights.

📢 Marketing and Advertising Benefits: A registered trademark gives you the right to use the ® symbol, which signals to consumers that your mark is registered and legally protected. This symbol can enhance the credibility and attractiveness of your brand, making it more appealing to customers and facilitating effective marketing and advertising efforts.



Trademark registration EU + Sme Fund Q&A

Trademark registration EU

  • What is the SME Fund 2023?

    The SME Fund 2023 is a grant scheme aimed at providing financial support to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the European Union (EU) to protect their intellectual property rights (IPRs). It is part of the Ideas Powered for business initiative, led by the European Commission and implemented by the EUIPO in partnership with European national and regional IP Offices.

  • Who is eligible to apply for the SME Fund?

    To be eligible for the SME Fund, applicants must be established in the EU and meet the criteria outlined in the official EU SME definition. This definition includes enterprises employing fewer than 250 people, including self-employed individuals, partnerships/associations, and family businesses, with limited annual turnover or annual balance sheet figures. For more specific details, refer to the EU Recommendation.

  • What are the changes introduced in the SME Fund 2023?

    In the SME Fund 2023, there are two vouchers available for applications: Voucher 1 for IP pre-diagnostic services (IP Scan) and Voucher 2 for Trade Marks and Designs. This differs from the previous year when both services were covered under Voucher 1. Beneficiaries can expect generous reimbursement rates, with Voucher 1 offering a 90% discount on IP Scan services and Voucher 2 providing a 75% discount on basic application fees for trademarks and designs at EU, national, and regional levels. Additionally, there is a 50% discount on the basic application fees for trademarks and designs outside the EU.

  • Is trademark registration in the EU part of the SME Fund 2023?

    Yes, trademark registration in the EU is one of the key components covered by the SME Fund 2023. It offers financial support to SMEs for various aspects of intellectual property rights, including trademarks and designs.

  • How do I apply for trademark registration assistance through the SME Fund 2023?

    To apply for trademark registration assistance, you can follow the application process outlined by the SME Fund. Depending on the specific voucher and services you require, you will need to submit your application during the open application period.

  • Can foreign companies register trademarks in the EU through the SME Fund 2023?

    Yes, foreign companies registered in European countries are eligible to apply for the SME Fund 2023. The fund is not limited to EU-based businesses, making it accessible to a broader range of applicants.