Trademark registration in the EU

If you need to protect your brand and ensure its exclusivity, our company offers professional trademark registration services (EU and Estonia). Eesti Consulting  can guide you through the entire registration process, from the initial search for similar trademarks to the filing of the application and monitoring for potential oppositions. Our team of experts is highly knowledgeable in EU trademark law and can provide tailored advice on the best strategies for protecting your trademark. With our assistance, you can obtain a registered trademark that will help safeguard your brand and enhance your business’s overall value.

The Cost of Trademark Submission in EU

Eesti Consulting will charge you for EUIPO application

€ 399

+850€ EUIPO fee

We can help you to obtain a grant from the EU up to 1000€ – Funds are limited and available on a first-come basis.



We provide you with a consultation regarding the grant from EUIPO, of up to 1000 EUR if your company is registered in the EU. Please contact us and provide:

The statements on your company’s bank account, which contain the following details: company name , full IBAN number with country code (and BIC/SWIFT code.

Your company’s VAT certificate or national registration number certificate

Benefits of trademark registration

Although trademark submission in the European Union is not obligatory, it allows you to secure exclusive rights over a particular mark. This can be helpful if you wish to sell or franchise your business’s products and services

protection from plagiarism and protection of your brand;

  • a registered trademark can help protect your company’s reputation and boost its image in the marketplace.
  • trademark registration provides you with several legal protections that are difficult to assert under common law.
  • it prevents counterfeit foreign goods from entering the country.



Trademark registration procedure in the EU

The trademark registration procedure in the EU involves filing an application with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and meeting certain requirements. The application must include a clear representation of the trademark, as well as a list of the goods and services for which the trademark will be used. The EUIPO will then examine the application to ensure that it meets the legal requirements for registration, including that the trademark is distinctive and not confusingly similar to other trademarks that are already registered. If the application is approved, the trademark will be published in the EU Trade Marks Bulletin and can be opposed by third parties. If no opposition is filed, or if the opposition is unsuccessful, the trademark will be registered and a certificate of registration will be issued. The trademark will be valid for 10 years and can be renewed indefinitely for additional 10-year periods.



Get early funding approval in 2023 to file a trademark application with the EU.

Receive up to 1000EUR for Registering Your Trademark


The SME Fund for Ideas Powered for Business is a grant program created to assist small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the EU to safeguard their intellectual property rights. This initiative is spearheaded by the European Commission and implemented by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and it will operate from January 23, 2023, until December 8, 2023. Availability of funds is restricted and granted on a first-come, first-served basis.

Which Documents Are Required for the Application Process?

To apply for the SME Fund, the process is straightforward. You should ensure that you have the necessary documents ready in PDF format, including scanned copies of physical documents. All submitted documents must be clear and without password protection.
The documents required for application include your company’s bank statement, which must feature the full IBAN number with country code and BIC/SWIFT code, and the account holder’s name. You’ll also need to provide your company’s VAT certificate or national registration number certificate issued by the competent national authority.
If your SME uses the services of an external representative, or you are an external representative acting on behalf of an SME, a ‘Declaration of Honour’ signed by an authorized owner or employee of the SME must be submitted.