Costs of Estonian Company in 2024

Read our article about costs of Estonian Company in 2024 Year.  You can read here about costs of company registration by e-Residency card, by notary public and the last alternative:  ready made company.

Advantages of Estonia

Estonia offers a great business environment with advanced digital services and a unique e-Residency program. It’s known for its efficient tax system and ease of company registration, making it a top choice for entrepreneurs around the world. Studies show that foreign investors value Estonia’s stable and secure economy, thanks to its strong political and economic foundation. The country’s fair tax system and business-friendly policies make it a competitive place to register a company.

Investors often praise Estonia’s tax benefits. The country is ranked #1 globally for tax competitiveness. Key advantages include no corporate income tax on retained and reinvested profits and a 14-20% tax on distributed profits. Taxes can be filed entirely online, and there are several grants and incentives available for foreign investors looking to register a company.

Company Registration Fees in Estonia

Understanding the costs associated with company registration in Estonia is crucial. Here is a detailed breakdown of the different registration methods and their costs.

Registration by e-Residency Card

Service Cost (€)
State Fee for Company Registration €265
Application for e-Residency €100-120
Legal Address  €100
Contact Person €100


Registration by Notary Public

Service Cost (€)
State Fee €200
Notarial Fees €50-200
Legal Address €100
Contact Person €100

Registering a company through a notary public is another option, particularly for those who prefer or require in-person verification. This method includes costs such as the state fee, notary fees, legal address, and contact person services. Like the e-Residency registration, additional costs can include accounting services and business banking.

Required Documentation 📑
Power of Attorney – notarized and apostilled
Passport copy of a founder

The presence of the client is not required. All activities can be done fully remotely without the presence of the client. Our attorney will handle all tasks on behalf of the client using the e-Notary system.

Buying a Ready-Made Company in Estonia

Purchasing a ready made company is an alternative for those looking for a quicker start. This method involves buying an existing company that has already been registered. Costs include the purchase price, legal address, and contact person services. Additional optional costs might include accounting services and business banking.

Service Cost (€)
Cost of Ready-Made Company €2500
Notarial Fees €350
State Fees (RIK) €25
Certified Translations of Power of Attorney €150


Starting a company in Estonia involves various costs depending on the chosen registration method. Whether opting for the e-Residency card, notary public registration, or buying a ready-made company, understanding these costs will help you make an informed decision. Consider your business needs and preferences to choose the most suitable method for your venture in Estonia.