company registration in estonia

0% Tax in Estonia? 🚀

Deferred tax obligation. No time limit. Payable upon distribution of profits only. Discover benefits of opening company in Estonia.

company registration in estonia

Company Registration in Estonia 🇪🇪

Company registration through e-Residency card or notary public

company registration in estonia

Launch Accounting Services

Through Eesti Consulting, we provide you with cost-effective accounting services, as well as supporting the day-to-day activities of your business.

company registration in estonia

Open Company in Estonia with Us and Get Benefits [2024] 😄

🚀 Quick Launch – Set up a business in Estonia in 3 days in 1 day – Fill in the form here or chat online to know more about company registration in Estonia

💰 Get a Bank Account – Receive corporate documents from Eesti and Open bank account in Estonia  100€  0€ 

⚖️ Get a free advice – Ask for a taxation or law issues when you form a company in Estonia – 0€

📄 Free Tax Residency Certificate – Get It for free insted of paying 100€ – Start company here.

🧠 Get up to 1000​ for start-up – Eesti will show you how to Get a grant from the EU for trademark registration in Estonia or EU (reduce state fee by 625€ – read more on e-Residency Blog) – Add this benefit to company registration order.


Share capital – Standard is 2500€/m but you have not obligation to pay upon starting.

Contact person – Statutory duty if half of the board of directors reside out of Estonia.​

Shareholders – Shareholder is not personaly liable for debts of company and not engaged in management

Shares – The minimum value of a share is 1 EUR.

Directors – At least 1 person, who will be a natural person.​

Non monetary contribution​ – Non-monetary contribution is allowed​

company registration in estonia

3 Ways of Company Formation in Estonia 🚀🔢

company registration in estonia

Formation by E-Residency Card

 Be paperless, Be eco, Be digital nomad with e-Residency card – no matter where you are now!

Beach, mountain or in New York City!  Connect e-Residency Card,  Share Personal Number and Launch Your First Company in Estonian Country!

Start your Digital Transformation.  Join Digital Nation Today – How much the fish? 🐟

company registration in estonia

Company Formation by Notary Public!

Eesti Consulting is fully experienced in this kind of company formation. It is “company formation” by notary public, by Power of Attorney.  You don’t need travel to Estonia.  Go to your notary in your home country , Sign notarial documments. Let Us Do Company Formation Job with apostilled and notarized Power of Attorney. – It Works Well!  How much ?

company registration in estonia

Buy Ready Made Company

Do you Want to Start a Business ASAP? Buy Ready Made Company.  Estonian company is already registered in Commercial Register.  All Papeworks Are Done, including Tax Registrations – Corporation Tax,  VAT.   Buy 100% of shares in existing Estonian Company , Take over the company and Change the Company Name.  How much the fish? 🐟

🇪🇺 OPEN Company in Estonia just for... 234€

Start e-Residency Company!

234 €

+ State fee for company registration 265€

  • Free company name check
  • Legal address in heart of Tallinn
  • Contact person service
  • State fee not included (€265 from 1st January 21)
  • Free certificate of tax residency
  • Corporate documents – scanned copies

+++ recommened for start-ups

🚀 The free Application for a SME FUND 2023 grant for trademark registration in EU (get up to 1000EUR of refundation, read more here)

Company Formation by Notary

1200 €

+ state fee + certified translation PoA + notarial fees

  • Free company name check
  • Legal address in heart of Tallinn
  • Contact person
  • State fee not included (€265)
  • Attorney fees included
  • Free certificate of tax residency
  • Corporate documents – scanned copies


▶️ Buy Ready Made Company with VAT number 🇪🇪🇪🇺 EORI and bank account here.

Not only company registration....

company registration in estonia


Company formation through e-Residency card, Power or Attorney, or an in-person appointment at the local notary in Tallinn.

company registration in estonia


Accounting services on a monthly basis or only Annual Report in Estonia at the end of the tax year? 📅 Did you exceed the VAT threshold? Register your company in Estonia for VAT purposes or a foreign company for VAT. 📊🌐

company registration in estonia


Assistance in obtaining licenses for your company.  Cryptocurrency license or travel license in Estonia?

company registration in estonia


Read more about legal address and contact person service.

company registration in estonia

Open Holding Company

Start company in Estonia with 3 steps!



Learn more about E-Residency cards by clicking the following link Easily obtained from the comfort of your home, once you receive your e-ID from your local embassy, you’ll be free to register your digital company. Simply reach out to us here at Eesti Consulting, for further assistance.



Before registering your company, you’ll need to decide upon your legal address, your personal contact information, your company name and your capital. *Before choosing a company name, with strongly recommend checking the trademark database to prevent any copyright infringement.



Whether registering through an e-Residency card, Power of Attorney, or simply an in-person visit to the local notary in Tallinn, you can rely on us here at Eesti Consulting to offer you assistance every step of the way, free from the fear of hidden costs.

With our help, you’ll have your new bank account and business licence up and running in no time at all.

Advantages of Company Registration in Estonia

Having a company in Estonia is great! We made a list of good things for small businesses. People in Estonia speak English well, and the only small issue might be the language being a bit tricky! 😊

Advantage Description
Fast Company Registration 🚀 Quick setup with e-Residency card in a few hours.
Deferred Tax on Dividend Distribution 📉 Corporation Tax is delayed when sharing profits with shareholders.
0% Tax without Dividend Distribution 💰 Pay zero tax if you choose not to distribute profits to shareholders.
Easy Company Exit via Share Sale 🔄 Simple exit process by selling company shares through e-Notary Public system.
e-Notary System for Document Signing 📜 Use Estonia’s e-Notary System for easy and secure document signing.
Digital Signature with PIN-2 🖋️ Add a digital signature with PIN-2 to your company documents.
Electronic e-ID for Contract Agreements 🌐 Use an electronic e-ID from Estonia for smooth contract agreements with clients.
Access to e-Residency Marketplace 🛒 Explore various business licenses available in the e-Residency Marketplace.
Access to Funding and Grants 💡 Tap into funding, grants, and other opportunities offered in Estonia.

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Company Registration STEP by STEP

Company registration in Estonia

  • 🇪🇪 Choosing a Business Name in Estonia

    Crucial Steps Before Company Formation in Estonia 🚀

    Selecting your business name is a crucial first step! A unique and memorable name can boost your company’s reputation and success. Remember! The company name must end with ‘OU’ or ‘osaühing’ for companies.

    Don’t register a company in Estonia without following good practice rules. 🚫

    • 📋 Include Legal Form (like ‘OÜ’ or ‘osaühing’) for companies.
    • 👤 Sole Proprietorships: Use the proprietor’s first and last name.
    • 🚫 Avoid Non-Partners: Don’t use names of non-partners or conflicting names.
    • 🔍 Be Distinct: Ensure your name is distinct from existing names in the business register.
    • ™️ Trademark Consent: Get consent for using trademarked signs or choose another name – Commercial Register may ask you for a change of company name if the name is connected with a trademark. Do you want to register a trademark with the company? See Trademark Registration Service in Estonia.
    • 🌐 Alignment Matters: Align your name with your business activity and location.

    *** Check pronunciation 🧐

    Ensure your name stands out. Even small differences in spelling or pronunciation count. It should also reflect your main activity and location.

    *** Check the name before starting a company in Estonia. 🔍

    Verify your preferred name in the e-Business Register. Compare it with existing names. The register makes the final call.

    *** Check the Trademark Registration before registration ™️

    Query the trademark database on the Patent Office’s website to avoid trademark conflicts. Follow these steps to choose the perfect business name in Estonia. Good luck! 🍀👍

  • 🙋‍♂️ Appoint a Contact Person:

    Why You Need a Contact Person 🇪🇪

    If your company’s management board is abroad, you must have a contact person in Estonia, as per the Commercial Code.   The service is available through virtual office providers in our Marketplace.
    Who Can Be a Contact Person? 📜

    Who Can Be Your Contact Person? 🤝

    Designated contact persons can include notaries, advocates, sworn auditors, audit firms, or licensed trust and company service provider like Eesti Consulting – jump here to our contact person service in Estonia.
    If someone within your company resides in Estonia, they can also serve as the contact person.

    Requirements for Non-Resident Companies 🌍

    When registering as a non-resident company, you must specify the location of your management board (if it’s outside Estonia) in the Commercial Register.

    Separation of Legal Address 🏢

    Starting from February 2023, you have the flexibility to separate your legal address from your contact person’s address.    While not mandatory, most e-residents prefer a single service provider for both.
    Responsibilities of Your Contact Person 📬

    For foreigners and e-residents, company formation in Estonia is made easier with these guidelines, catering to e-Residency company needs.

    Designated contact persons can include notaries, advocates, sworn auditors, audit firms, or licensed trust and company service providers. If someone within your company resides in Estonia, they can also serve as the contact person.

    Requirements for Non-Resident Companies 🌍

    When registering as a non-resident company, you must specify the location of your management board (if it’s outside Estonia) in the Commercial Register.

    Separation of Legal Address 🏢

    Starting from February 2023, you have the flexibility to separate your legal address from your contact person’s address. While not mandatory, most e-residents prefer a single service provider for both.

    Responsibilities of Your Contact Person 📬

    Your contact person handles essential documents and letters. Even in Estonia’s digital era, some legal documents are still received in paper form. When your contact person receives such documents, they are considered delivered to your business. No need for them to be a shareholder, board member, or employee, and they don’t require special rights to act on your company’s behalf.

    For foreigners and e-residents, company formation in Estonia is made easier with these guidelines, catering to e-Residency company needs.

  • 💻 Register a company in Estonia through e-Residency

    1. Apply for e-Residency Card 📨

    Begin by applying for an e-Residency card through the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) website.

    2. Collect Your e-Residency Card 🏢

    Once approved, collect your e-Residency card from the Estonian embassy or pick-up location.

    3. Verify Identity 🔑

    Use your e-Residency card to access secure Estonian government services online.

    4. Choose Your Company Name 📛

    Select a unique and suitable name for your company.

    5. Prepare Necessary Documents 📄

    Gather the required documents, including your business plan, legal address, and contact person.

    6. Register Your Company Online 💼

    Visit the Estonian Business Register’s website and complete the online registration process.

    7. Pay State Fee 💳

    Pay the state fee for registering your company.

    8. Obtain VAT Number (if needed) 💰

    If applicable, register for VAT and obtain a VAT number.

    9. Set Up Legal Address and Contact Person 🏠🤝

    Ensure you have a legal address and contact person, either by yourself or through a service provider. Learn More

    10. Open Bank Account 🏦

    Choose a suitable Estonian bank and open a business bank account.

    11. Explore Financial Services

    Consider services like Payoneer and Wise for international financial solutions.

    12. VAT Registrations

    Learn more about VAT registrations in Estonia here.

    Congratulations! 🎉 Your Estonian company is now registered and ready for business.

  • 💻 Register a company in Estonia by Notary Public

    Register a Company in Estonia by NOTARY!

    🤝 You can meet up with a notary in Estonia or, if you prefer, let Eesti Consulting be your guide. By picking the latter option, you won’t have to worry about making the trip to Estonia. We’ve got your back! We’ll make the process smooth and even arrange for a courier to take care of the nitty-gritty details. That means handling all the important documents, like the notarized and apostilled Power of Attorney, and making sure that KYC/AML form is filled out and good to go. It’s all about making things easy for you. So, if you’re all about that convenience and efficiency, especially when it comes to company registration through a notary, we’re here to make it happen.

    📝 The notary prepares the necessary documents, considering your input, including an application for establishing a company, the memorandum of association, and articles of association.

    💰 The founders contribute the share capital – minimum capital is 0,01 EUROCENT. If this contribution is in monetary form, the founders must open a bank account in Estonia or another European Union-established bank in the name of the company being founded. They will then deposit their monetary contributions into this bank account and provide a bank certificate confirming the deposit of the share capital to the notary.

    💼 The founders pay the notary fee and the state fee.

    📤 The notary submits the application and all related documents to the Commercial Register for further processing and registration.

    Hire Eesti Consulting for the purpose of this process and leave in your home country. Acting as your attorney, we visit the notary public and sign all documents on behalf of you with Power of Attorney – notarized and apostilled.

    Register a company by Notary with Eesti Consulting.

  • 💰 Pay Share Capital

    💼 Easy and Quick Registration: Setting up a private limited company in Estonia is a straightforward and speedy process.

    💰 No Required Share Capital: As of February 1, 2023, there is no statutory requirement for a minimum share capital when establishing a private limited company.

    🤝 Freedom to Decide: Founders have the freedom to decide how much capital they want to invest in their private limited company, providing flexibility based on the company’s planned activities and capital needs.

    📉 Risk Consideration: While there’s flexibility in determining share capital, founders should carefully assess their contributions and startup costs to avoid causing damage to the company.

    🏦 Liability Protection: Shareholders of a private limited company are shielded from personal liability for the company’s obligations.

    📜 Legal Safeguards: In cases where the share capital is set below 2,500 euros and bankruptcy proceedings are terminated without declaring bankruptcy, the court may order the shareholder to pay an amount between the share capital and 2,500 euros if the trustee’s claims for fees and expenses remain unsatisfied from other debtor assets.

  • 📄 Submit Required Documents

    Gather and submit vital documents such as shareholder and director identification, articles of association, and the completed registration application.

  • 💳 Pay State Fee

    Cover the state fees associated with the registration process. These fees contribute to document processing and entry into the Business Register. Registering a private limited company (OÜ) online incurs a state fee of €265

  • ⏳ Wait for Approval

    Await the approval of your registration application. The processing duration varies and is influenced by the workload of authorities.

  • 📈 VAT Registration in Estonia - Yes or No?

    📊 VAT Registration in Estonia 🇪🇪

    So, you’ve set up your consulting company in Estonia, and it’s thriving. But as your business grows, there’s an important consideration: Value Added Tax (VAT). Here’s a friendly guide to understanding VAT registration with emojis to make it simple! 🤗

    1. VAT Basics 🧾

    When you establish a company in Estonia, you aren’t automatically liable for VAT or entitled to deduct input VAT. VAT registration becomes mandatory when your total taxable sales exceed €40,000 from the beginning of the calendar year.

    2. Optional Registration 📈

    Before reaching the threshold, you have the option to register for VAT. It depends on the VAT amount on goods and services you buy and the VAT status of your clients.

    3. Plan Ahead 🗓️

    Once you foresee reaching the threshold, initiate the registration process. You must register within three business days of crossing the threshold.

    4. Voluntary Registration 📝

    You can register voluntarily before reaching the threshold by providing evidence of your business intentions.

    5. Estonian VAT Number 🆔

    The Estonian VAT number starts with a prefix EE, followed by nine digits (e.g., EE123456789).

    6. VAT Rates 💼

    Services to Estonian companies and individuals typically have a standard 20% VAT rate. A reduced 9% VAT rate applies to certain services. If you serve customers in other EU Member States or third countries, a 0% VAT rate often applies.

    7. B2B Transactions 🤝

    For B2B transactions in other EU Member States or third countries, include the customer’s VAT registration number and “reverse charge mechanism” on invoices.

    8. B2C Transactions 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

    B2C transactions outside Estonia may be subject to Estonian VAT, or you may need to register in the customer’s country and follow local VAT rules.

    9. Verify VAT EE Number

    You can verify the VAT EE number on the VIES website or the Estonian Tax and Customs Board’s KMKR website.

    For comprehensive VAT registration services in Estonia, visit this link. Make informed choices to ensure your consulting business thrives in Estonia! 🌱💼

  • 🏦 Bank Account Opening:

    💼 Opening a Bank Account in Estonia After Company Registration 🏦

    Congratulations on registering your company in Estonia! Now, let’s talk about the next crucial step: opening a bank account. 🌟

    At Eesti Consulting, we’ve made it incredibly easy for you to open a bank account in Estonia. Once your company is registered, the process is straightforward. We specialize in facilitating smooth bank account openings for companies just like yours. 🤝

    Whether you’re a startup, an established business, or an e-resident, we’ve got the expertise to assist you. Our services cater to a wide range of financial institutions, including:

    1. WISE 🌐

    Open bank account in Estonia with WISE

    2. Payoneer 💳

    Open bank account in Estonia with Payoneer

    3. SWEDBANK 🏦

    At least 2 personal visits are required in Estonia – no guarantee for the bank account opening

    4. LHV 🏛️

    Apply for a bank account with LHV in Estonia fully remotely , but if positive decision = Appointment required.

    Our goal is to provide you with the flexibility and financial support your Estonian company needs to thrive. Whether you’re looking for corporate accounts, multi-currency options, or even ready-made companies with pre-established bank accounts, we’ve got solutions tailored to your requirements. 🌐💼

    Don’t let the bank account opening process stress you out. We’re here to simplify the journey for you. Learn more about our bank account opening services in Estonia here. Your success in Estonia is our priority! 🇪🇪

FAQ: Questions from our E-mail Inbox!

The Ultimate List of Questions Taken by Our Clients….

Client Questions Answers
1. Can I open a Limited Liability Company in Estonia alone? Yes, you can. You will be a solo board member and the sole shareholder in this company. 🕴️🏢
2. How much time does company registration in Estonia take? Registration of a company in Estonia takes 2 hours for e-Residents and 4-5 days if we register the company through a notary public. ⏳🇪🇪
3. What do you need to register my company? You need to pass the KYC and AML procedures. We check your documents, including ID and proof of address. If we correctly confirm your identity, we start with company registration for you. 📑🔍
4. What is the minimum capital for a newly registered company? 0.01 eurocent, but from practice, we recommend a capital of 1 EUR. 💶💡
5. Can I register the company for VAT? Yes, you can register the company for VAT starting from the incorporation date or later if you exceed the VAT threshold. Read our article about VAT Registration in Estonia. 📅📝
6. Why is Estonia chosen by plenty of startups? Because Estonia has a tax-friendly policy for growing companies thanks to the Defering Corporation Tax initiative. 🚀🌐
7. How does Tax Deferation work in Estonia? You don’t pay tax upon the event when dividends are paid to company shareholders. 💰🚫
8. Can I register a trademark in Estonia? Yes, you can register a trademark in Estonia and for the EU too. Starting from 2024, we help our clients get a voucher for trademark registration. It allows reducing 75% of fees paid to the Patent Office. 📜🖋️
9. How can I exit from the business in Estonia? You can close the company – it takes 2-3 months (simplified procedure) – We prepared a guide concerning company liquidation here. You can also find a new buyer who purchases shares in your company. If both parties are e-Residents – you can sell the company by e-Notary public. 🚪💼

Bank Account for Estonian companies

It is difficult to open a bank account for your OU company in Estonia if you really haven’t connections with business partners or clients in this northern country, BUT…. it is not impossible. We support new companies in opening bank accounts. We have a positive track record with Revolut, Wise, Payoneer, Paysera, and other payment service providers.



Company in Estonia live? Open a bank account with us.

company registration in estonia
company registration in estonia
company registration in estonia
company registration in estonia
company registration in estonia
company registration in estonia

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company registration in estonia

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