VAT Registration in Estonia

There are 2 paths of VAT registration in Estonia

– obligatory VAT registration

– voluntary VAT Registration

For any person that is registered for VAT purposes in your country, there will be an obligation to register as a VAT person on or after the date on which such person’s taxable supplies exceed €40,000. This applies from the first day of the calendar year.

A person needs to apply for VAT registration with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board within 3 working days of the date on which they arise.

To be a VAT payer in Estonia, you have to have a business in this country or about to start a business.

If someone doesn’t have to pay tax or their taxable supply does not exceed €40,000, they should be okay being a VAT payer. Whoever appears as such should be able to register voluntarily.  Explore VAT regulations here.

I am registered as VAT payer in Estonia – how I can verify it?

Pleases log in to

Search for a legal person (type  company number or its name)

Explore business registry card , especially VAT information” section – you can see here the VAT number, VAT period as well whole VAT number registration history.

How to verify VAT number?

Your business partners may don’t know Estonian Business Register and they will verify your business on official European Comission’s Website:

Validate Estonian VAT nu


Estonian VAT number format

The VAT number format in each country corresponds to an additional check made by tax authorities to ensure that the data reported is correct. You can verify the Estonian vat number in 2 sources:

– European Comission Website

– E-Business Register “RIK”

Estonian VAT number cointains 2 letter code: “EE” and 9 digit characters, f.e EE 123456789

There are 2 procedures of VAT registration

1) e-Residents – digital power of attorney signed by e-Residency card with PIN-2

2) other clients – local authority requires to provide them with the ordinary power of attorney, including your photograph and power of attorney

The fee includes the following services:

– Drafting the application based on the information provided by client (we preapre the VAT registration form – dont file it on your own)

– Forwarding the application on behalf of the client to Tax and Customs Board electronically

N.B Before ordering this product – please contact as by chat or e-mail to confirm your status – We need to know you are e-Residency card holder or not.

The procedure of VAT Registration in EESTI CONSULTING:

  • Contact us by chat or e-mail and confirm your status (e-Resident, not e-Resident)

  • Pay for this product directly thorugh our website or by traditional bank account

  • Provide us with Power of Attorney (e-Residents sign an electronic Power of Attorney confirmed by PIN-2 – signature, others sign a Power ofAttorney in writting with your photograph , passport and draft of Power of Attorney )

  • Our lawyer prepares VAT Registration form (KMD) and forwards it to the EMTA – it is tax authority from Estonia ( Tax Revenue)

  • Final decision of tax authority – VAT registration is done – Check the VAT number on VIES website or in e-Business Register “RIK”.

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