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For sale british UK ready made company – VAT registered. If you want to start
a business in United Kingdom, you shall register british limited liability company
and then start with VAT registration. This proccess takes 6-12 weeks , so it is

Our company has registered several companies in England that have been given a VAT number with GB prefix. These companies are ready for international trading. If you wish – we can obtain EORI number if you intend export or import goods
from third-countries.

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πŸ’° Company with VAT GB for 1200Β£

  1. A certificate of incorporation of a VAT-registered company
  2. Current Appointments
  3. VAT certificate
  4. UTR number – tax identification number for purpose of Corporation Tax
  5. WebFillings Codes, including an Authentication Code and Company number to Companies House
  6. Share certificates

Check an alternaticve –Β  European VAT Registered Company here.



Purchase procedure

πŸ”’ STEP 1: πŸ“ž Please contact our company asking about shelf company from the UK with VAT registration.

πŸ”’ STEP 2: πŸ“Ž Please attach the following documents for the purpose of verification – proof of ID πŸ†” and proof of residential address 🏠.

πŸ”’ STEP 3: πŸ“œ Sign an agreement to purchase shares in the British company.

πŸ”’ STEP 4: πŸ’³ Pay an invoice.

πŸ”’ STEP 5: πŸ”„ We change records in the Commercial Register, and appoint a new director, shareholder, and beneficial owner.

πŸ”’ STEP 6: πŸ“ We provide you with a corporate set of documents and finalize the transaction.

Feel free to adjust as per your preferences!


Proof of ID documents we accept:

Valid Driver’s License
Birth Certificate
State-issued Identification Card
Student Identification Card
Social Security Card
Military Identification Card
Passport or Passport Card


Proof of address documents we accept:

Valid Driver’s License
Utility Bill
Lease Agreement or mortgage statement
Insurance Card
Bank or credit card statement, insurance policy or bill


Additional services for VAT companies:

We also can provide you with an Apostille of registry card issued by the Foreign Commonwealth Office (FCO) from London.Β  Β If you wish – we can notarize all corporate documents and dispatch to your home country with international DHL – express shipping.


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Hey there! πŸ™Œ Setting up a bank account for your sparkly new ready-made company is a breeze, especially when you’ve got us by your side.


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Beyond helping you acquire a VAT registered company, we’re also here to guide you through the vibrant world of banking! Here’s the fun part:

  1. πŸ“‘ Our enthusiastic associate is always geared up to curate the perfect set of documents just for you.
  2. 🌍 From wherever you are, to wherever you need to be! Your documents will zip across the globe via our trusty international DHL courier. 🚚✈️
  3. πŸŽ‰ The cherry on top? You get a comprehensive set that’s all ready for banking delights with WISE, Revolut, Paysera, mBank, Santander, HSBC, Barclays, and many more fabulous online payment service providers.

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We’re All Ears!

For a perfect match, we’ll whip up a custom quote tailored to your monthly accounting needs. Here’s what we’d love to know:

πŸ“„ Your Income Invoices: Tell us about those sales and revenues!
🧾 Your Expense Invoices: Share a bit about where your money goes.
🌐 Your Business Type: Every business is unique, and we’re curious about yours!
🏦 Your Bank Details: Which currencies do you use? GBP, EUR, CHF or others?
πŸ” Anything Else? Any tidbits or fun facts, we’re all ears!

Once we have these bits of info, we’ll be all set to give you the best accounting support tailored just for you. And remember, we’re always here to help with any questions or giggles along the way! πŸ₯³


πŸ€” People ask

UK Company

  • What are the obligations of the community registered for VAT in England?
    • πŸ“† Quarterly or Monthly VAT return filings
    • πŸ“… Once a year – Confirmation of Statement (CS01) submitted to Companies House – Commercial Register
    • πŸ“Š Once a year – Annual Accounts – including balance sheet, Profit & Loss, Trial Balance preparation
    • πŸ“‘ Once a year – Tax return on CT600 form filed to HMRC.
    • πŸ”„ Notifying HMRC about changes in the company structure
    • πŸ› οΈ Updating Companies House Records
  • Where I can verify the VAT GB number?

    Before Brexit, we verified the VAT number on the website of the European Commission – VIES website

    After Brexit – verify UK company only on British government’s site – verify now UK vat number

  • How to purchase shares in a UK VAT company if I am abroad?

    You can still purchase shares in a UK VAT company remotely without the engagement of a notary public.Β  We do not require any Power of Attorney.Β  We only ask you about verification documents like proof of ID and proof of address.Β  We conclude the agreement remotely based on scanned copies.Β  If you meet all conditions and pass the KYC AML procedure – you can take over the company with no hassle.


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    Excellent – it’t works well – got COI , Current Appointments and certificate of shares – I don’t know – I shall notify HMRC about changes in company structure or previous owenr will do it! Please reply

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    Thank you for providing me with a ready-made company. I am extremely satisfied with the level of service and support that I received throughout the process. Your team was very responsive and helped to make the entire process smooth and hassle-free. The company was exactly what I was looking for and it has helped me to achieve my business goals more quickly and efficiently. I would definitely recommend your services to others in need of a ready-made company

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