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An Apostille is a form of certification issued by UK government officials to confirm that signatures and stamps appearing on documents are genuine. It confirms that the notary public or public official is official under British law. The UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office is the only Competent Authority in the United Kingdom for issuing Apostilles.

A Notary Public will affix their signature and stamp to the document, as well. This acts as a third-party verification method for verifying authenticity with public offices around the world.

Do you want to Apostille for Companies House documents?

I guess you are looking for a fast and cheap apostille service in the UK. Here is it.

If you already incorporated a limited company in the United Kingdom, you’ve got electronic documentation, including:

-Certificate of incorporation (COI)

-Confirmation of Statement (CS01)

-Annual Accounts (AA02)

-Appointment (AP01)

-Termination of appointment (TM01)

– Micro company accounts

– Certificate of Good Standing

There are 2 kinds of apostille

– Standard paper-based service

– Electronic ‘e-Apostille’ service

This offer concerns the first procedure – Standard paper-based service, where you have to provide us with scanned copies of Companies House documents and your delivery address.

Why do I need an Apostille?

An Apostille Certificate is required for official documents that will be used outside the UK.

Please see the examples below:

– opening a bank account in another country

– establishing a branch of the limited liability company outside of the UK

– dealing with tax authorities in a foreign country

– investing in a foreign country

Why Choose Our Apostille Service?

Fast, cheap and easy document legalisation services with Embassy certification. Express delivery via DHL Express or UPS


If you need to apostille a registry extract from Companies House , to get an apostille stamp on a certificate of good standing or on other documents, please contact EESTI CONSULTING We will ensure you that our service is fast, reliable and cheap. You do not need to come to our office. We perform all activities online and provide you with an Apostille through the international courier service DHL Express.

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