Original documents for an Estonian company

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Original Documents for Estonian Company

Do you need additional documents for your already registered company? Order Here Original Documents for your Estonian Company.

Paper Documents of Company in Estonia [with a STAMP]

Certificate of Tax Residency

πŸ“œ Proof of company’s tax residency status*, stamped and signed by an EMTA Officer (this is only from local law – the international tax regulations – bilateral agreements determine final tax residency)

🏦 Required for bank account opening outside Estonia ( If you decide to open the bank account in foreign country – Switzerland, Germany or another non European Country)

Apostille of Registry Card:

πŸ› Authentication/legalization confirming the company’s existence and legal status.

🌐 Necessary for dealings with local authorities or establishing a foreign company.

True Copy of List of Shareholders, Directors, and Beneficial Owners:

πŸ“‹ Official record of individuals/entities holding shares, directors, and beneficial owners.

πŸ”’ Required by banks, payment service providers, or local authorities for ownership verification.

You need more than only electronic documents from Commercial Register

Get Paper Documents for Your Estonian Company – Stamped and Original

These documents are crucial for legal processes like opening a bank account, meeting regulations, and establishing a presence abroad. They provide essential information, proving your company’s structure, ownership, and compliance. It ensures transparency and smooth business operations.

***All notarizations and apostille services are handled by a professional notary based in Tallinn ***



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    I received docs thank you Eesti Consulting . My previous company did not get original document only scannedcopies.

  2. Alexander M.

    Thank you – appriecate it!

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