Original documents for an Estonian company

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These documents are included in the bundle pack to fulfill various purposes related to the establishment and operations of a company:

  1. Certificate of tax residency: This document serves as proof of the company’s tax residency status and is stamped and signed by an EMTA (Estonian Tax and Customs Board) Officer. It may be required by banks or payment service providers when opening a bank account outside of Estonia, such as with Transferwise, Mistertango, Paysera, or other similar providers.
  2. Apostille of registry card: The apostille is a form of authentication or legalization of the registry card, which confirms the existence and legal status of the company. This document may be necessary when dealing with local authorities or when establishing a foreign company with an Estonian limited liability company acting as a shareholder.
  3. True copy of the list of shareholders, directors, and beneficial owners: This document provides an official record of the individuals or entities holding shares in the company, the directors responsible for its management, and the beneficial owners who ultimately benefit from the company’s activities. It may be required by banks, payment service providers, or local authorities to verify the ownership and control of the company.

These documents play a crucial role in various legal and administrative processes, such as bank account opening, compliance with regulatory requirements, and establishing a presence in foreign jurisdictions. They provide the necessary information and proof of the company’s structure, ownership, and legal compliance, ensuring transparency and facilitating smooth business operations.



  1. Jola

    I received docs thank you Eesti Consulting . My previous company did not get original document only scannedcopies.

  2. Alexander M.

    Thank you – appriecate it!

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