🧐 EORI Registration Estonia

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EORI Registration Estonia

3 Ways of Getting EORI Number in Estonian Country

Options Description
APPLY for EORI for Existing Company Apply for EORI registration for your existing company. πŸ“‹
SET UP New Company + VAT + EORI Registration Establish a new company, including VAT and EORI registration. 🏒
BUY Ready-Made Company with VAT / EORI Issued Purchase a pre-established company with VAT and EORI already issued. πŸ›οΈ

Apply Myself Online Through the e-Tax Board Portal

The first step is to access the e-Tax Board’s online portal, which serves as the platform for submitting your application. Once you’re on the portal, you’ll need to provide your company details and relevant documentation electronically. Make sure to have all the necessary information at hand before starting the application process.

Provide Company Details and Documentation

When you fill out the form, enter your company’s name, address, contact info, and tax ID. Make sure all details are correct. You’ll also need to upload certain documents as part of the application, like:

Proof of Legal Entity Official Documents Required
Proof of legal entity πŸ“„ Provide official documents that demonstrate your business’s legal status.
VAT Registration Certificate πŸ“‹ If applicable, submit a copy of your Value Added Tax (VAT) registration certificate.
Customs Registration Document πŸ›ƒ In some cases, you may need to provide a customs registration document issued by Estonian Customs authorities.

Make sure the documents you upload are clear and easy to read so we can process them quickly.

Submit Pre-Filled EORI Form

After completing all fields and uploading needed documents, review everything before submitting your application. Double-check for errors or omissions – accuracy is crucial! 🧐

Once submitted on the e-Tax Board portal, Estonian authorities typically take a few days to process your request and assign an EORI number. πŸ“…βœ…

Receive Your Assigned EORI Number

Once processed, you will receive your assigned EORI number via email. This unique identifier is essential for conducting customs-related activities within the European Union. It’s crucial to keep this number safe and readily accessible as you engage in cross-border trade.

No Fee Required

Obtaining an EORI number in Estonia is free of charge. Unlike some countries that may require a fee for issuing an EORI number, Estonian businesses can acquire this important identifier without any financial burden.

By following these steps and providing the necessary information, you can easily request an EORI number in Estonia. Remember to complete the application accurately and ensure all required documents are uploaded correctly.

How to Register EORI with our Assistance?


πŸ“ž Contact EESTI CONSULTING, and we’ll take care of your EORI registration needs. We’ll check your personal and corporate status to determine if EORI registration is required.

πŸ“‹ Our expert team will handle all the paperwork for you, including filling out the application form on behalf of your company. We’ll then forward it to the tax authorities, EMTA.

βœ… Once you’re successfully registered for EORI, take a moment to verify your EORI number on the European Commission Website. 🌐

At EESTI CONSULTING, we’re your friendly partner, making the registration process hassle-free! 😊

Q&A – All You Need to Know About EORI in Estonia

FAQs Answers
FAQ 1: What is an EORI number and why do I need it in Estonia? An EORI (Economic Operator Registration and Identification) number is a unique identifier for customs purposes in the EU. It’s essential for smooth trade transactions when importing or exporting goods to or from Estonia.
FAQ 2: How can I apply for an EORI number in Estonia? Visit the Estonian Tax and Customs Board website, find the application form in the dedicated section, fill it out, submit the form, and follow provided instructions.
FAQ 3: Are there specific requirements to obtain an EORI number in Estonia? Yes, provide information about your business activities, including company registration details, VAT registration information, and a description of import/export operations. Have all necessary documentation ready before applying.
FAQ 4: How long does it take to receive an EORI number in Estonia? Processing time varies but generally takes around five working days once the correctly submitted application with all required documents is received. Check with the Estonian Tax and Customs Board for updates or potential delays.
FAQ 5: Is there a fee for obtaining an EORI number in Estonia? No, currently, obtaining an EORI number in Estonia is free of charge. However, check for updates as this could be subject to change based on future regulations or government policies.
FAQ 6: Who issues the EORI number in Estonia? The Estonian Tax and Customs Board issues the EORI number.
FAQ 7: One Number, EU-Wide By law, an economic operator can only have one EORI number, and it must be used for all customs-related activities within the EU.
FAQ 8: Branch in Estonia? If you have a branch in Estonia, use the EORI number of the parent company. For example, if the parent company is registered in Germany, register for EORI in Germany.
FAQ 9: Need Help with Imports or Exports? For non-residents looking to import or export to Estonia, consider hiring Eesti Consulting for expert advice and assistance. Reach out for expert opinion and legal advice. 😊🌟

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