Entrepreneurs in Sofia, Zagreb, or Ljubljana who wish to join e-Residency should pay attention. Are you considering applying for e-Residency (Apply for e-Residency)? Is it because your distance from the collection points is a deterrent to obtaining your e-Residency digital ID? 🌎

You can apply for e-Residency from 8 August 2022, and if you wish, pick up your digital identity card and documents at one of three mobile pickup points (e-Residency application). 📅

  • Ljubljana point 🏞️
  • Sofia point 🏙️
  • Zagreb point (Croatia) 🇭🇷

The most important information about pick-up points:

  • To pick up your e-Residency kit at a mobile pickup point, in your application choose the city closest to you: Sofia, Zagreb or Ljubljana.
  • An Estonian consular official is in charge of the mobile collection point, which offers e-residents a means to obtain e-Residency documents.
  • The mobile collection point will come to each city every two months and stay for a minimum of one day. Depending on the number of applications, the visit may be extended.
  • Applicants opting for one of these cities will have the pick-up date, time, and location communicated to them via email.
  • You will need to physically go to pick up your e-Residency card, and your fingerprints will be taken at that time. Make sure you bring your passport as well. 🛂
  • The state fee for e-Residency digital ID pickup at a mobile point is €120. 💳

Other pickup points

If you have any further questions or need more information about e-Residency and the pickup points, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to assist you in your journey to become an e-Resident! 🌐