Introduction to Trademark Guide

In this article I’ll show you How To Register EU Trademark in 2024 in the EU 🇪🇺

  1. Definition of a Trademark
  2. Types of Trademarks: Wordmarks, Figurative Marks
  3. Creating an account on EUIPO website
  4. Risk Assesment & Preparation of an Application
  5. SME FUND 2024 Opportunity – Save 75% on EUIPO Fees
  6. Submitting an Application
  7. Examination & Opposition Proccess.

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how to register eu trademark

What is a Trademark? 🔍

A trademark is a unique sign, logo, symbol, word, or mix of these elements that helps identify and set apart the products or services of one business from others. It’s essential for creating a brand identity and protecting customers.

how to register eu trademark
Example 1:  Trademark registered for our company – Eesti Consulting

Types of Trademarks 📚

A trademark can include words, letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and sounds. The two main types of trademarks are word marks and figurative marks.

Wordmarks 🛍️

Wordmarks contain:  words, letters, numbers or other standard typographic characters. 

how to register eu trademark
Example of Wordmark registered with our assistance

Advantages of a Wordmarks

Name Protection 🔒Protects the name itself, not just the logo.
Domain Safety 🌐Stops others from using similar names in domains.
Rebranding Proof 🔄Stays valid even if you change the logo.
Easy Proof of Use 📄Any use of the word counts, making it easy to prove.
Strong Legal Defense ⚖️Easier to show someone violated your trademark.
Less Copyright Issues ✍️Avoids copyright fights over logos.
Ad Protection 🛡️Blocks competitors from using your trademark in Google Ads.
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Figurative Marks 

how to register eu trademark

Example of a figurative trademark registered with Eesti Consulting 

Figurative marks are trademarks that use unique characters, special designs, different layouts, or colors. They might only have pictures or a mix of words and pictures.

Checklist for Trademark Registration in the EU (2024) 📝

1. Identify your Trademark Type and Estimate Risks! 🔍

Identify the Trademark Type: Choose between wordmark or figurative mark. Tip: If you plan to rebrand the logo in the future, it’s a good idea to choose a wordmark.

Explore existing trademarks in the EU Database – e-Search Plus and prepare Risk Assessment.  Check similar names or logos and estimate the level of a risk. 

TIP 💡 If you choose a wordmark, avoid using common or general names; otherwise, your application may be rejected. 

how to register eu trademark
Risk Assessment conducted by Eesti Consulting

2. Start with the Trademark Application 🖋️

  1. Create a new user account on EUIPO website. 
  2. Choose the language of the application 
  3. Define type of a trademark: wordmark or a figurative mark (upload your logo)
  4. Prepare description of Goods or Services associated with your business under the Nice Classification.  You can use the TM Class Tool or simply check your competitors’ trademark in the EU database.
  5. Put your signature under the application and choose your role – “Applicant”.

3. Get a 75% Fee back with SME FUND 2024 Program 📨

The EU, in partnership with EUIPO and the European Commission, has initiated the 2024 Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund. This program offers vouchers for intellectual property to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across the EU. Last year, the fund saw a remarkable response with over 35,000 SMEs applying for assistance. Grants are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis throughout 2024 until the allocated funds are depleted.

The SME Fund 2024 is tailored to aid SMEs in safeguarding their intellectual property rights by substantially reducing trademark registration fees by 75%. Below, you’ll find a table demonstrating the cost savings for Estonian entrepreneurs when registering a trademark in either the EU or Estonia.

What does it mean for EU entrepreneurs? 

how to register eu trademark

Example of SME FUND 2024 voucher available for entrepreneurs

Instead of paying 850€ fee for a trademark registration – You Pay only 212€, because 75% of fee paid to EUIPO will be returned to your bank account. 

TIP 💡To have benefits from this scheme, you need first apply for a SME FUND 2024 Voucher. Don’t submit application before the application!

4. Examination Process 🔍

  1. Now is the time for formal examination of your application.  EUIPO checks if the application meets formal requirements.
  2. They also check potential conflicts with other applications.
  3. If the application passes the examinations, it is published for opposition 📰.

5. Opposition Period ⏳

  1. Third parties have three months to oppose the registration of your trademark. If no oppositions (90% of our clients) – your trademark will be successfully registered within next 3 months.  You will get the registration certificate and your intellectual property become valuable asset! 
  2. If third parties oppose application , it’s more complicated case
how to register eu trademark
Eesti Consulting – we started application on 03/08/2023 and after a long time on 23/05/2024 our trademark was registered! You can view our application here:

Conclusion 🎯

Registering a trademark in the EU involves several critical steps, from initial research to maintaining ongoing protection. Understanding the types of trademarks and following a systematic registration process ensures robust brand protection and legal security in the competitive market landscape of 2024.

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how to register eu trademark