5 Benefits of Opening a Company in Estonia 🇪🇪

BENEFIT 1:  Corporation Tax Rate – 0%

Distinctive Benefit: Businesses Pay 0% Tax on Retained Earnings In Estonia, businesses benefit from a 0% corporate tax rate on retained earnings. This implies that companies are exempt from paying any tax on their profits until they choose to distribute dividends among the owners.

This freedom allows businesses to save and invest their profits without the concern of corporate taxes

BENEFIT 2: Unbeatable Company Formation Fees – 234€🇪🇺💶


⏰ Quick Launch – Set up a business in Estonia in 3 days in 1 day – Fill in the form here or chat online to know more about company registration in Estonia

💰 Get a Bank Account – Receive corporate documents from Eesti and Open bank account in Estonia  100€  0€ 

⚖️ Get a free advice – Ask for a taxation or law issues when you form a company in Estonia – 0€

📄 Free Tax Residency Certificate – Get It for free insted of paying 100€ 

🧠 Get up to 1000​ for start-up – Eesti will show you how to Get a grant from the EU for trademark registration in Estonia or EU (reduce state fee by 625€ – read more on e-Residency Blog)


The E-Residency Card makes managing your company a breeze! You can sign VAT returns, file Annual Reports, start a company, or register for VAT with just your e-Residency card. Apply for your e-Residency card today and wave goodbye to the hassle of dealing with Power of Attorney!

✍️ Sign Papers Digitally: Use the card to sign documents online easily and safely.

🔍 Check Document Authenticity: Make sure signed documents are real and trustworthy.

📤 Send Secure Documents: Safely encrypt and send important files with confidence.

🌐 Access Online Services: Explore a variety of online services in Estonia, both public and private.

🚀 Start a Company Online: Easily set up an Estonian company without leaving your computer.

🌍 Manage Your Company Anywhere: Control and run your Estonian company from any location worldwide.

💳 Digital Banking: Apply for digital business banking and handle online payments with ease.

📝 File Taxes Online: If your company is a tax resident in Estonia, conveniently declare corporate taxes online.


Not sure about getting an e-Residency Card? You can also purchase a ready-made company from Estonia, already established with Power of Attorney. 🏢💳

How to Become E-Resident?

  1. Visit official e-Residency Website
  2. Click on the button “Apply Now!”
  3. Fill in the form
  4. Choose Pick-up Location to receive your e-Residency card
  5. Receive e-Residency Card and Install All Drivers and DigiDoc Software
  6. NOW You can sign all documments and set up company in Estonia.
Benefits of opening a company in Estonia
How to Apply for e-Residency card

How to start company without e-Residency card?

You can start a company in Estonia by Power of Attorney from scratch or Buy Ready Made Company with a bank account.

BENFIT 4:  CONNECT WITH E-Residency Marketplace 

The e-Residency Marketplace is a curated platform designed to connect e-residents with trusted service providers, streamlining the process of launching and expanding businesses in the digital world. It serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking essential services within the e-Residency ecosystem.

In this marketplace, e-residents gain access to a carefully selected list of service providers who have undergone rigorous evaluation by the e-Residency team. These providers offer a range of services, from legal and financial support to various business solutions.

Choosing the e-Residency Marketplace means embracing a simplified and secure approach to find the right partners for your business needs. It allows e-residents to explore service providers with confidence, knowing that each has met specific criteria related to service quality, background, and alignment with the unique requirements of e-residents.

For those venturing into the e-Residency ecosystem, this marketplace provides a centralized hub to discover and connect with service providers who can facilitate key aspects of business development. By leveraging the e-Residency Marketplace, individuals can navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship more efficiently, making it an invaluable tool for those looking to thrive in the digital business landscape.


Benefits of opening a company in Estonia


In the last decade, Estonia has become a favorite European destination for startups. Entrepreneurs are lured by the welcoming business environment, robust government support, and a tax system that allows them to keep and reinvest profits with a zero corporate income tax. 😊

Remember, trademark registration is crucial for every startup, not just the big players but especially for SMEs. The SME FUND 2024 program, which kicked off on January 22nd, offers Estonian companies the opportunity to apply for a 1000 EUR voucher for trademark registration. The added benefit? Enjoy a 75% reduction in the state fee. 🚀


Country of Registration Registrar Fee (without grant/with grant)
🇪🇺 EU Fee €850 / €212
🇪🇪 Estonia Fee €145 / €37



If you’re considering establishing a European company and are still searching for the right location, Estonia could be an excellent choice with its favorable and friendly tax system.