Digital Nomad Visa for remote workers

Digital Nomad Visa for remote workers

Are you digital nomad worker and would you like to stay in Estonia up to 12 months? Starting from 1 August you may apply for digital nomad visa for remote workers.

Who can apply?

You need meet all following recrutiments:

  • You can work independent of your location
  • You can deliver your work services remotely using internet
  • You are employeed by the company registered outside of Estonia, conduct business through your own company registered abroad or work as a freelancer for clients mostly outside of Estonia.
  • You have possibility to provide authorities with the evidence that confirm the minimum threshold (€3504) during the six months before the application.

Types of VISA

Type C for short stay – state fee is: 80€

Type D for long stay – state fee is: 100€

List of embassies where you can apply for visa for nomads

Estonian Embassy in Ankara: 

Estonian Embassy in Abu Dhabi: (only D-visa applications as of September 1, 2020)

Estonian Embassy in Beijing:  

Estonian Embassy in Cairo:

Estonian Embassy in Canberra:

Estonian Embassy in Dublin: 

Estonian Embassy in Helsinki: (only D-visa applications)

Estonian Embassy in Kyiv:  

Estonian Embassy in London:

Estonian Embassy in Minsk:

Estonian Embassy in Moscow:

Estonian Embassy in New Delhi: 

Estonian Consulate General in New York:

Estonian Embassy in Nur-Sultan:

Estonian Embassy in Ottawa: 

Estonian Embassy in Paris:  (only D-visa applications)

Estonian Embassy in Stockholm: (only D-visa applications)

Estonian Consulate General in St Petersburg: 

Estonian Consulate General in St Petersburg Chancery in Pskov:

Estonian Embassy in Tbilisi:

Estonian Embassy in Tel Aviv: 

Estonian Embassy in Tokyo:


How is the procedure of applying?

  1. Visit the website and choose your language
  2. Choose the type of VISA – short stay (C) or long stay (D)
  3. Fill in the form and print it
  4. Make the appointment at Estonian Embassy or Consulate
  5. Take all supporting documents, evidences, identity documents like passport, identity card and submit your applicaiton
  6. Wait plase up to 30 days for approval your application.

NOTE! If you reside in Estonia – please apply for digital nomad visa directly to Police and Border Guard Board office

e-Residency card vs Digital Nomad VISA

e-Residency card

  • Get your goverment-issued digital identity and authenticate all documments
  • Gain access to Estonia’s e-Services like Estonian residents
  • Register your first company with e-Residency card and take advantage of deffering of Corporate Tax – 0%
  • Open the corporate bank account in Estonia or abroad
  • Complete your VAT return and all statutory duties
  • Apply on and wait 6-8 weeks for approval
  • Receive youe e-Residency card at local Embassy or Consulate around world.

Digital Nomad VISA

  • Obtain right for staying in Estonia for up to 1 year
  • Only for digital nomads people, who are be able to perform activities online independent of location
  • For employer with seat outside of Estonia
  • For the comapny with seat outside of Estonia
  • For freelancers, who have clients outside of Estonia
  • Approval time up to 30 days
  • Apply by visiting nearest Estonian Embassy
  • Receive VISA NOMAD at Estonian Embassy or Consulate

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