Company in Estonia + bank account in Switzerland (remotely)

Company in Estonia + bank account in Switzerland (remotely)

PACKAGE for nonresidents

A company in Estonia with an account in Switzerland In connection with the development of the coronavirus epidemic (COVID-19), entrepreneurs from around the world are looking for tax solutions that will ensure their continued functioning.

Why this package?

Advantages of this tax solution
  1. You don’t pay income tax  (Corporation Tax) (0%) if you don’t pay dividends. You can issue invoices and earn income and you won’t pay the tax until the dividend is paid.
  2. You can form and manage the company remotely if you are e-Residency card holder ( more about programme – here )
  3. You can open the Estonian company remotely if you live in your home country if you will issue the Power of Attorney in the presence of the notary.
  4. Simple tax regulations and e-State
  5. The company registered in Estonia is treat as tax resident – we provide you with certificate of tax residency.
  1. Stable banking system independent of political turmoil
  2. Capital diversification – if the country in which you live – gets into financial trouble – goes bankrupt – you want to finance the deficit with taxpayers’ money – do you remember the situation of taxation of deposits from Cyprus in 2013?
  3. Multi-currency account with debit and credit cards


3 steps

Company formation

You need file KYC AML form and provide at least proof of ID (passport or identity card - scanned copy) + proof of address f.e utility bill not older than 90 days - We form the company on behalf of you based on Power of Attorney or with your e-Residency card

Original documents

We arrange the original documents - Apostille, notarized extracts - Article of Association.

remotely bank account opening

We will apply for the bank account on behalf of you . You need file KYC AML form and provide suitable documentation. Don't worry - we will assist you.

Our fees

Company formation

Power of Attorney
2000 Ready made company registered in Estonia or company registration remotely


Swiss bank remotely
3000 We speak in your language - bank account with goverment guarantee

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