Our company offers specialized translation services from Estonian into other foreign languages.

Sworn translations concern translations from Estonian into:
– English
– German
– French
– Spanish language
– Italian language
– Finnish language
– Polish language

Our sworn translators have over years of experience, especially in legal translations. Usually, our translation orders concern translations of printouts from the commercial register – RIK, company agreements, lists of directors and shareholders, as well as translations of certificates of residence, corporate correspondence, as well as civil law contracts.

We also provide telephone and interpreting services, e.g. during visits to Estonian offices.

Sample Translations

  1. Certified translation of Article of Association from RIK Register
  2. Sworn translation of Extract from Commercial Register
  3. Sworn translation of Certificate of tax residency from Estonia

How and where to verify person, who is sworn translator?

  1. Chamber of Sworn Translators www.vandetolgid.ee
  2. Sworn Translators Act www.riigiteataja.ee

Permissions of sworn translators

  • Translate documents
  • Prepare certified copies or printouts of corporate documents they translate
  • they can also advise clients and arrange the authentication of documents to be translated or translations with an apostille
  • translate contracts, invoices and international agreements.

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