The Name of Patent Office in Croatia is:   State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia (SIPO)

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Trademark Registration in Croatia

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Details of Trademark Registration Croatia


Registration Time 3 months
Protection in Years 10 years
Language of Application Croatian
Nice Classification Yes

Fees for Trademark Registration in Croatia

Fee Description How Much It Costs?
Basic Fee 66,36

Extra Fees:

Trademark Registration in Croatia – Natural Person & Legal?

What is the best variant? Trademark Registration done by natural person or Legal Person?

Trademarks can be registered under the names of individuals who are not running a business, individuals engaged in business, partnerships, or corporate entities – in Croatia the most popular form of business is: d.o.o. (društvo s ograničenom odgovornošću) Additionally, a collective mark can be registered by multiple entrepreneurs.

It’s important to note that registering trademarks under the name of an individual provides greater flexibility in managing the associated rights.

If the applicant wishes to maintain the confidentiality of the rights holder during the trademark registration process, EUIPO allows for temporarily concealing the data of the entity holding rights.

It is crucial to update the information of the rights holder provided during the trademark registration process at the office. Failure to update may lead to issues, especially during the trademark renewal process

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💰 Trademark Registration Fees in Croatia with SME FUND 2024

Let’s Compare trademark registration fees in Croatia paid to Patent Office when you have a 1000€ voucher or when you haven’t!

Country of Registration Registrar Fee (without grant/with grant)
🇪🇺 EU Fee €850 / €212
🇭🇷 Croatian Fee 66,36 without grant / with grant 16,59


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