Since February 2020, new solutions are entering Estonia, which are aimed at facilitating many activities that until now had to take place in a notary office.

Notaries can perform remote verification of clients remotely. A person who wants to use this solution must have an Estonian e-Residency (e-ID) or Mobil-ID card, Google Chrome browser with the appropriate plug, as well as an internet connection with a speed of about 30Mbit / s.

If a person wants to make a notarial deed – they must log into E-Notary and be in the room alone without company. If the transaction concerns several people – each of them must be in a separate room.

The notary public always decides whether the transaction will take place – the transaction may be interrupted at any time.

The Estonian system uses biometric face recognition technology – The solutions were financed from the European Union’s Structural Fund and the budget of the Chamber of Notaries.

For people who do not have an e-ID or e-Residency card – service in Estonian embassies is available in the following cities:

  • Helsinki
  • Brussels
  • stockholm
  • London
  • Riga

Examples of actions:

– marriage or divorce applications

– succession applications

– purchase of shares in a private limited company