So, you’re new in the business! Congratulations! In this article, I’ll show you how to transform your LOGO into intellectual property assets! From zero to hero! Avoid the mistakes made by other entrepreneurs who used your logo, promoted brands, but failed to register their trademarks. They encountered issues with unfair competition. Let’s go and register Logo as a Trademark. No matter where your company is based.

Checklist Item
1. Create a logo – find a fully experienced designer on or
2. Choose a website template from
3. Start a company in Estonia.
4. Register under SME FUND 2024 Program and Get the 1000EUR voucher for trademark registration (It allows reducing the state fee from 850 EUR to 212 EUR).
5. Register a Trademark with Your Logo myself or with our assistance (Discount Code: READERS20 – it reduces our fees by 20%)
6. Be patient and wait 2-3 months for the publication of your trademark!
7. Get intellectual property assets!

What is SME FUND 2024 Program?

The SME Fund 2024 is a program tailored for small and medium-sized businesses aimed at reducing fees for trademark registration paid to EUIPO. The program is available online, and the number of vouchers is limited, operating on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

SME FUND 2024 has launched the 2024 Ideas Powered for Business SME Fund in collaboration with EUIPO and the European Commission. Last year, more than 35,000 SMEs applied for the fund, making it a significant success


register your logo as a trademark

Logo – Ideas Powered for Business – SME FUND Program 

Why Registration of a Logo as a Trademark is a MUST HAVE?

In today’s digital world, it’s crucial to protect your unique ideas and creations legally. Your logo, as part of your brand identity, represents your business. By safeguarding it, you keep it safe from being copied or used without your permission. This ensures your brand stays special and recognizable. Plus, trademark protection gives you legal power if someone tries to misuse your logo, protecting all the hard work you’ve put into building your brand. Is your logo not registered as a trademark?

N.B In this manner, it’s not considered an asset; it’s simply a logo. Without legal protection, it’s not safeguarded by the law, and you can’t include it in your accounting records. However, when you sell your business, the logo does impact the valuation of your brand.

Apply for a SME FUND 2024 Step by Step

You have 2 options:

  • Apply for a SME FUND 2024 Voucher & Trademark with Eesti Consulting using this code (20% of discount: READERS20)
  • Apply for a SME FUND 2024 myself using below checklist
register your logo as a trademark
  1. Register an account here and submit the application form.
  2. Before you apply, prepare the following documents:
  3. Be patient – You need wait min. 15 working days for approval
  4. Get an electronic decision delivered to your SME Fund Account.
  5. Apply for a Trademark Registration and choose the suitable variant registration – EUTM Easy Filing is dedicated to SMEs or individuals, particularly for those without a legal representative, while EUTM Filing is dedicated to IP experts (N.B. – Do not file a trademark registration form if you are unsure that your trademark is unique. Generic trademarks may be refused. Consider hiring Eesti Consulting to avoid potential losses.)
register your logo as a trademark

The Value of a voucher is 1000€, but you have right to reduce all fees paid to EUIPO by 75% only. Example: Payable Fee: 850, Decution: 75% * 850 = 212,50 fee…

register your logo as a trademark

The positive decision on action grant!

How works SME FUND 2024 Grant voucher?

With a voucher from the SME FUND 2024 program, you can enjoy a 75% reduction in the EUIPO fee. The voucher is valued at 1000€. Any remaining balance can be applied towards future trademark filings

EU Trademark Registration 🇪🇺Without GrantWith Grant (75% reduction)
State Fee850 €850 €
Grant ReductionN/A-637.50 €
Total Cost850 €212.50 €

Table 1:    The Cost of Trademark Registration with and without grant.

Reason Why Register My Logo as a Trademark

Registering your trademark offers many perks for startups. First, it legally protects your brand by preventing competitors from using similar names or logos. Without registration, your logo isn’t considered an asset.   Once registered, your trademark becomes a valuable asset that can be sold or licensed.  Additionally, having a registered trademark boosts your company’s credibility and trustworthiness with customers, partners, and investors

Get a 20% discount with Eesti Consulting

register your logo as a trademark

1) Hire Us and Fill in the form of Trademark Registration.

2) We apply for a SME FUND 2024 Grant – no voucher, no payment – no risk!

3) We file a trademark application on behalf of your company to EUIPO.

Regular Fee is 400€ for the whole process, but using this code you get 20% discount!


VIDEO: How to Save on Trademark Registration Fees