Set up business in Estonia by notary public

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Set up business in Estonia by notary public

Exploring the opportunity to set up your business in Estonia by notary public? We’ve got you covered! 🀝 With Eesti Consulting, you can smoothly run your business in Estonia from anywhere in the world. Our experienced team will act as your representative, ensuring a hassle-free registration process. Reach out to us now to initiate the client due diligence process and start your business journey in Estonia.

Included in this comprehensive package: πŸ“¦

🏒 A registered office in Tallinn for a full year.

🀝 A dedicated contact person available for your assistance for one year.

🏒 Hassle-free company formation services tailored to your needs.

πŸ’Ό All state fees and attorney costs are covered, so you don’t have to worry about any unexpected expenses.


With our all-inclusive package, you can kickstart your business journey in Estonia smoothly and confidently. Let’s make your business ambitions a reality! 🌟πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡ͺ


Start Estonian Company via Notary with Power of Attorney – Requirements.

🌐 Share Capital: Begin with a minimum share capital of just 1 eurocent for your private limited company (OÜ) in Estonia.

🏒 Registered Address: Secure a registered address, either a physical office or a virtual one provided by a service provider, right here in Estonia.

πŸ‘€ Contact Person: Appoint a friendly resident of Estonia as your contact person, bridging the gap between your company and the authorities.

πŸ“œ Company Name: Get creative but keep it unique! Choose a company name that stands out and aligns with Estonian naming conventions.

πŸ“ƒ Articles of Association: Create and sign this essential document outlining your company’s rules and regulations.

🏒 Commercial Register: Join the club! Register your company with the Estonian Commercial Register, the central hub for Estonian businesses.

πŸ’° Taxes: Don’t forget to handle tax matters diligently. Register for VAT in Estonia and any other necessary taxes as per Estonian law.


Power of Attorney – TEMPLATE


[NAME_SURNAME_CLIENT], date of birth_______________, personal code___________________, address__________________________ , e-mail address__________________________, whose identity has been established by passport.

[NAME_SURNAME_CLIENT] hereby gives the power of attorney to [ATTORNEY_NAME], address [FULL_ADDRESS], date of birth [DATE_OF_BIRTH], personal code [PERSONAL_CODE];

1. acting on behalf of a principal, establish a private limited company or acquire a share in a company registered in the Republic of Estonia at a price and other conditions in accordance with the discretion of the representative, as well as accept property;
2. represent me as a shareholder of a limited liability company in the exercise of all shareholder right, including signing decisions of the shareholder in accordance with the terms and conditions at the discretion of the representative;
3. on my behalf, as a member of the Management Board, sign applications for entering member of the Management Board into the Commercial Register and/or for redeeming members of the Management Board from the Commercial Register, change the Articles of Associations and other data register in the Commercial Register, on terms and conditions at the discretion of the representative;
4. purchase shares in a company on behalf of the principal;
5. change board member, shareholder, beneficial owners, nature of business, and other information in the Commercial Register ( on terms and conditions at the discretion of the representative.

Hereby I confirm that I have the legal right to be a member of a company and confirm that, in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, I have the right to be a founder and a member of the management board of a company.

This Power of Attorney has been given to the Attorney with the right to make deals with himself or with the person, whose representative he is at the same time.

This Power of Attorney is valid for six (6) months and is issued with the right to transfer the authority.

given name and surname signature

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