1. Apply for e-Residency Card πŸ“¨

Begin by applying for an e-Residency card through the Estonian Police and Border Guard Board (PBGB) website.

2. Collect Your e-Residency Card 🏒

Once approved, collect your e-Residency card from the Estonian embassy or pick-up location.

3. Verify Identity πŸ”‘

Use your e-Residency card to access secure Estonian government services online.

4. Choose Your Company Name πŸ“›

Select a unique and suitable name for your company.

5. Prepare Necessary Documents πŸ“„

Gather the required documents, including your business plan, legal address, and contact person.

6. Register Your Company Online πŸ’Ό

Visit the Estonian Business Register’s website and complete the online registration process.

7. Pay State Fee πŸ’³

Pay the state fee for registering your company.

8. Obtain VAT Number (if needed) πŸ’°

If applicable, register for VAT and obtain a VAT number.

9. Set Up Legal Address and Contact Person 🏠🀝

Ensure you have a legal address and contact person, either by yourself or through a service provider. Learn More

10. Open Bank Account 🏦

Choose a suitable Estonian bank and open a business bank account.

11. Explore Financial Services

Consider services like Payoneer and Wise for international financial solutions.

12. VAT Registrations

Learn more about VAT registrations in Estonia here.

Congratulations! πŸŽ‰ Your Estonian company is now registered and ready for business.