Bank account for cryptocurrency

Bank account for cryptocurrency

Banking solutions for cryptocurrency business

You’ve heard that it’s difficult to open a bank account for cryptocurrency services. Today we will tell you how to start preparations for opening such an account.

Customers who contact us say they are refused to set up an account. They set up companies in EU countries and then encounter difficulties in opening a bank account.

Is it even possible to open such a bank account?


high street bank

It is crypto-friendly bank, who operates as traditional high street bank - financial institution.

payment service provider

It operates under the E-Money License - it works like fintech apps - likes Revolut, Trasnferwise but it is crypto-friendly.

our fees

We will help you estabilish bank account or PSP service for your cryptocurrency business.

Bank account

  • Multi-currency bank account with e-banking
  • Remotely set-up
  • EUR GBP USD CHF ant other currencies
  • 3-4 weeks setup

PSP service

  • EU IBAN details
  • Acces to e-banking - dashboard
  • High risk custommers portfolio (forex, investments, crypto)
  • Setup within 1-2 weeks

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