There are 3 ways of company registration in Estonia. We will show you how it works and how fast your limited liability company may be registered in this country. 

3 ways of company registration in Estonia:

  • by e-residency card 
  • by person 
  • by the power of attorney

Company formation with e-Residency Card

To get started, go to and read the form, then fill it out carefully. Apply for an e-resident card. The cost of the application is 100 EURO. The waiting time for issuing the card is usually 1-2 months. You can pick up the card at the nearest Estonian embassy – here is a list of card pickup points.

Company registration with e-Residency card is smooth. We need some documents from you – Personal Identification Number and 2 pieces of personal documents – usually Passport or identity card and proof of your residency – f.e utility bill.

Our package for e-Residents contains:

  • Legal address for 1 year in heart of Tallinn
  • Contact person for 1 year
  • Company formation service
  • State fee (190EUR) included in the fee

Register your company by person

Reach Eesti Consulting and then we will set up an appointment at the nearest notary’s office. We will help you prepare an application for the registration of your company in Estonia so that all paperwork can be completed in one visit. Please do not forget to bring your photo ID with you.

The average waiting time for an appointment at a notary’s office is about 7-8 business days. Please don’t reserve a flight to Estonia until we have made an appointment. The registration of the company by a notary public doesn’t preclude obtaining an e-resident card.

Register your company by Power of Attorney

We recommend this option primarily for people who are unable to come to Estonia, e.g. due to the covid-19 epidemic. Many of our clients grant us a power of attorney to register a company in Estonia from overseas countries – such as the USA or Australia. The cost of flying to Estonia is too high, so the easiest way is to go to a local notary in your country of residence and issue a power of attorney. Such power of attorney must be apostille.

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