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Eesti Consulting offers Legal Address & Contact Person Services . 

You can order these services separately OR as the packageStart Company in Estonia.

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Starting from 1.11.2023 - Limited Time Offer 
For All Purchases of Contact Person & Legal Address - Free Tax Certificate
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Are you planning to open company in Estonia while being abroad? 🌍 Understanding the legal requirements for your company’s management board, a designated contact person, and a legal address is essential. At EESTI CONSULTING, we’re here to make it simple for you! 🏢

In Estonia, if your management board is based outside the country, you must have a designated contact person, and we can help you find one through our virtual office service providers. 👥✉️

Estonian law also allows certain individuals living in Estonia, like board members or shareholders, to act as your contact person. 🇪🇪👤


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Starting from February 1, 2023, companies registered in Estonia can choose a separate legal address from their contact person’s address, although it’s not mandatory. 📅🏠

EESTI CONSULTING simplifies the process, making sure you’re legally compliant. Whether you need a virtual office in Estonia, a contact person, or assistance with legal addresses, we’re here to help! 🤝🇪🇪

What is your actual situation?

  1. I want to register a company in Estonia , including legal address and contact person
  2. I want to replace my current service provider – change of legal address and contact person

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Legal Address in Estonia

150 € 100


Key benefits:

  • Prime Location: Benefit from a prestigious address in the heart of Tallinn, Estonia.
  • Fast Setup: Register your company with us and experience a hassle-free process.
  • Instant Activation: Within a few hours, your company will be up and running!
  • Complimentary Scanned Copies: Access scanned copies of important letters for your records.

Contact Person in Estonia

150 € 100


Key Features:

  • Personalized Service: Eesti will act as your dedicated contact person in Estonia.
  • Zero Monthly Fee: Enjoy our services without any recurring charges.
  • Instant Activation: Experience a seamless setup process within a few hours.

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