Ready made companies Estonia

Ready made companies

In the event when you plan to start the business immediately,   you can decide to purchase a ready made company.   We have various companies for sale – VAT registered businessess,  with issued cryptocurrency licenses.  Our companies have not civil and tax liabilities and are in good standing.

how to purchase

Visit in tallinn

You should contact us, and after we book an appointment in the notary public, you will reserve a flight to Tallinn.

power of attorney

Go to local notary public in your country of residence and grant a notarised power of attorney. Our employee will purchase shares in the OU company on behalf of you.

register company remotely

We register the company for you with using your e-Residency card.

Frequently Asked Questions

Concerning ready made companies from estonia

What documments are needed for transaction?

To be comply with the Estonian AML Regulation – we will ask you about few details, including proof of your identity (passport or an identity card), proof of adress (utility bill for your place of residence not older than 90 days) and KYC form.


Changes are visible within 3-5 business days, but it depends on the notary public submission and processing changes by RIK Authority – Commercial Register.


do you have vat registered companies?

Yes, we have available vat registered companies from Estonia.  We guarantee that every company has issued VAT number by Estonian Tax Authorities and is valid as VAT EU number.    You have the right to ask our employee about VAT number to check the validity of number on VIES EU website.

how to get vat number in estonia?

There are 2 ways for getting VAT number in Estonia.   You can register the OU company and apply for the VAT number.   VAT Registration in Estonia is compulsory if you exceed VAT threshold – turnover > 40 000 EUR / on a yearly basis.   Naturally, you have the right to voluntary VAT registration.  After you are provided with VAT number- you can verify it on VIES website and remember – as VAT payer you are obliged to filling VAT returns – on the 20 days of next month for the previous month.

do i need travel to tallinn?

We are glad to meet you in our Tallinn’s office.    Even so, your presence in Tallinn is not mandatory.   We offer remote package service especially for nonresidents, who haven’t flexible flight connection with Estonia or prefer to engage your time in other business activities.  

cryptocompany license accounting

You need a special accounting agreement for high volume transactions.  We know how work cryptocurrency exchange services.  They produce millions of transactions per month and need to be automated with various Artificial Intelligence bots.

OU company

Registered in 2019 year
  • Ready made company registered under law of Estonia
  • Included paid state fee (190EUR)
  • Not included POA & notarial fees

VAT company

Ready made VAT company
  • VAT registered shelf company from Estonia (activ VAT on VIES)
  • POA & notarial fees not included
  • Included paid state fee (190EUR)

Cryptolicense company

2 licenses issued
  • Issued 2 licenses; cryptocurrency exchange and wallet
  • Notification to FIU about changes free of charge
  • Bank account consultation