Company registration in the UK

Included in the price:

  • state fee
  • company registration service

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  • Legal address
  • Service address

A Limited Company, also known as a Ltd. company is the most popular type of UK company. This type of company is a legal entity which. I can provide a UK Registered Office Address for your company if required.

Why register a Limited Company?

1. The company has a separate legal personality from the people who run it.

2. Have separate finances from the person who operates the business.

3. The company can keep any profits it makes after paying taxes within the company, which it can then invest in the business or payout to its shareholders as a dividend.

The important facts about limited liability company

  • A limited company is the most popular type of business structure in the UK because it is simple and flexible (Business Register -> Companies House)
  • This type of company must have a Shareholder and Director, the Shareholders can also be known as the owners of the company.
  • A company with shareholders that have their shares allocated to them.
  • You must file a confirmation statement and accounts each year.
  • All shares in a Limited Company must be allocated to the Shareholders.
  • If one member of the company withdraws, the company can still function unlike other types of companies.
  • The company name is registered and protected, meaning that no other company can use the same name in the UK. Check in the business register your business name here.

Requirements for a Limited Company formation

  • The company must have the words Limited or LTD at the end of its name.
  • The business’s Registered Office Address must be located in the UK. I can supply an address if needed.
  • At least one individual director and one shareholder must be appointed.
  • The officers can be from any nationality and they can reside anywhere in the world.
  • The name and address of the directors and subscribers are hidden from public record.
  • The minimum company capital is £0.01
  • Maximum share capital is no limited.
  • The smallest number of shares which must be issued is 1.
  • All company shares must be allocated to a shareholder.

Why do people hire me for this type of work?

I have a lot of experience setting up limited companies and can help you through the entire process.

Moreover, I have the ability to form your Limited Company fully remotely, eliminating the need to sign and complete any paperwork.

You are able to review the company details you have provided before submitting and paying for your order. Once your company has been incorporated you will receive your Certificate of Incorporation and certificates of shares confirming the existence of your company.

The standard package includes all the documents you need to start trading with your company legally.At our company, I provide a number of complimentary documents for new businesses, including a register of the company name and directors, share certificates and minutes from the first meeting. This is something that many companies charge extra for, but we believe in providing value to our customers.

I can provide you with software that enables you to create/upload your own customized Articles of Association for your company at no cost.

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