Company registration in the UK

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🌟 Advantages of Company Registration in the UK 🌟


A Limited Company offers a range of advantages that make it an attractive choice for businesses:

Separate Legal Personality: A Limited Company is treated as a distinct legal entity from its owners, providing liability protection for shareholders.

Distinct Finances: The company’s finances are separate from those of the individuals operating the business, enhancing financial clarity.

Profit Retention and Distribution: After paying taxes, the company can reinvest profits into the business or distribute them to shareholders as dividends.

Protected Company Name: The registered company name is safeguarded, preventing other entities from using the same name in the UK.

Global Presence: Directors and shareholders can be of any nationality and reside anywhere in the world.

Minimal Capital Requirement: The company can be started with a minimum share capital of £0.01.

Flexibility and Privacy: Shareholder and director details can be kept private from public records.

📋 Company Registration Process in the UK 📋


Registering a Limited Company in the UK involves several key steps:

🔹 Choose Business Structure: Decide on the type of Limited Company structure based on business nature, members, and area of operation.

🔹 Name Search: Choose a company name that complies with Companies Act, 2006 and Trademarks Act. Ensure the name’s availability.

🔹 Appoint Directors: Appoint at least one director (shareholder) to carry out company affairs. Additional key management roles can be appointed as necessary.

🔹 Identify PSCs: Identify People with Significant Control (PSC) within the company, recording their details in the PSC register.

🔹 Prepare Documents: Draft legal documents including Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA) which outline company operations.

🔹 Apply for Registration: Choose a Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) code indicating company activities. Apply for registration with Companies House online or offline.

🔹 Receive Certificate: Upon registration, receive a Certificate of Incorporation with the company number and formation date.

👥 Foreign Shareholders and Registration Example: Estonian Company 👥

Let’s consider an example involving an Estonian company wishing to establish a Limited Company in the UK. Eesti Consulting, with expertise in UK company registration, can guide foreign businesses through the process seamlessly. As an Estonian business owner, you can enjoy the benefits of Limited Company formation in the UK while Eesti Consulting handles all legalities, ensuring compliance and efficiency.

💼 Why Choose Eesti Consulting? 💼


🔍 Expert Assistance: Our experience in setting up Limited Companies ensures a smooth process for businesses worldwide.

🌐 Global Accessibility: We can guide you through the process remotely, eliminating the need for physical paperwork.

📜 Comprehensive Services: Our packages include essential documents for legally trading, such as shareholder registers and meeting minutes.

Embark on your UK business journey with confidence!

Reach out to Eesti Consulting to explore how we can help you establish a Limited Company in the UK, no matter where your business originates. 🚀🌎

Remember, the UK’s business-friendly environment and the advantages of a Limited Company structure make it an ideal choice for both local and international entrepreneurs. Don’t miss out on the opportunities – take the first step towards establishing your UK presence today! 📈🤝

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