Apostille in Estonia

What is included in this product?

  1. True copy of document from local Commercial Register – f.e list of directors/shareholders/beneficial owner ( notary will sign this document and certify with stamp)
  2. Apostille stamp on above document
  3. E-mail scanned copy of above document

Apostille in Estonia – get it!

Apostilles are necessary for official documents originating from Estonia, such as extracts from the Commercial Register, which includes lists of directors, shareholders, and beneficial owners, and are intended for use in other countries that are parties to the Apostille Convention. An apostille is a certificate that verifies the capacity in which the signatory of the document has acted, and each document requires a separate apostille.


Sample apostille documents:

• original corporate documents
• certified/notarized copies
• printouts or extracts from local register

Apostille in Estonia

EESTI CONSULTING offers consular legalization and Apostille service for our regular customers and for other clients.

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What types of documents can be legalized with an apostille stamp in Estonia?

Certificates of birth, death, marriage, and divorce

Court decisions

School reports, diplomas, and certificates

Extracts from the commercial register, such as a list of board members, shareholders, and beneficial owners, as well as the Articles of Association

Certified copies of documents authenticated by a notary public

Sworn translations confirmed by a notary public as true copies

Documents issued by EMTA or other authorities confirmed by a notary public as true copies

It’s important to note that only certified public documents can be apostilled. Please ensure that the documents are in good condition and include all necessary information when submitting them for authentication.

We can’t accept private documents like “board member resolutions” signed by board members. These documents can’t be apostilled.

Notaries Act –


The documents will be processed within 2-4 business days upon receipt.

Procedure for Obtaining an Apostille

The notary will sign and stamp a true copy of the document obtained from the local Commercial Register, which may include a list of directors, shareholders, or beneficial owners. An apostille stamp will then be affixed to this document. A scanned copy of this document can be sent via email.

The issuance of the apostille will take place within five business days starting from the acceptance of the application. The application will only be processed if the document to be certified with the apostille is attached to it. If the applicant has requested for the apostilled document to be returned by mail, the document and its attachments will be sent via registered mail to the address specified in the application.

To obtain an apostille certification for a public document, the individual must provide a notary with an application form  and the document that requires apostille certification. The application and document can be submitted in person, by mail, email, or through a self-service portal. It’s important to note that the notary can only process the application if the document is included.


In countries where Estonia has established a legal assistance treaty, documents cannot be apostilled. The following countries are exempt from the requirement for apostilles: Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Ukraine, and Russia.

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