Administrative restoration of a company in UK

Administrative restoration in the UK 

If you see a status on the Companies House website – “dissolved” – does mean that your company was removed from the Companies House Register and its assets were transferred to The Crown. Your company was dissolved because your accountant did not file statutory returns on time – such as Confirmation of Statement or Annual Accounts.

There are two possibilities of a company restoration process:

  • Administrative Restoration (Easy option)
  • By Court Order (Hard option)

We can assist you with both options, but this product concerns only administrative restoration way. We advise you to hurry up with that process, because the name of the dissolved company may be still used in new company incorporation.

If you meet the below conditions, you can still restore your company from the Companies House Register 

1. You were a director or shareholder in the dissolved company

2. The company was struck off the register and dissolved by Companies House in the last 6 years 

3. The dissolved company was traded at the time it was dissolved


To apply for administrative restoration, order consultation with Eesti Consulting. Our team will help you   to file outstanding documents such as accounts, confirmation of statements, pay late filing penalties or obtain a waiver letter from Bona Vacantia.


What is includes our fee?

We will contact Companies House on behalf of you and provide you with a full checklist of duties you need to perform to restore your dissolved company to Companies House. 

Our employee will help you fill in the forms and contact the Bona Vacantia office in case of a waiver letter. 

We will send all correspondence on behalf of you to Companies House.

What is not included in our fee?

– A cheque for 100£ payable to Companies House 

– Filling or penalty fees 

– Courier / Postage costs

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