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Have you ever though about applying for e-Residency card? Please read carrefully this posts and know advantages of Estonian e-ID card. Imagine 2 scenarios: Martin has not e-Residency card. He needs travel to notary public , to Tallin in order to incorporate estonian company. He needs visit the SWEDBANK branch and spend a lot of money for flights and accomodation. Martin Robert is e-Resident card holder. He cans incorporate the company wholly online remote from home and file statutory documents such as accounts, vat returns and others. Robert It is essential to apply for e-Residency card earlier due to waiting for approve by Police Border Guard. Statutory period for accepting your application is aprox. 30 business days. Step by step Fill the application form and include passport photo with correct format and consistent with specification Wait for decision of Police Border Guard from Estonia Receive e-mail confirmation about granting you

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